The Shizzle

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We are hiring!  Do you have what it takes?
Open positions include Guitar or Keys, Bass or Drums.

The Members

About the Band 

"K $" - Bass, rap, vocals, keys, drums, didgeridoo.

"Raw Dogg" - Guitar, rap, vocals, keys, drums, trash can lid.
"Soft Serv" - Drums, bass, rap, vocals, keys, rain stick.
"Vandalicious" - Vocals, rap, tambourine, cowbell, drums, keys.

The Shizzle is based in Central Maine and consists of four musicians.  The band was founded in summer of 2013 after a near death experience involving a goat, 6 PBR's, and too many Brown Eyed Girls. 
The sound is everything from  popular dance songs  to classic hip hop hits to politically incorrect rap tunes.